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I have a form with 4 subforms. Everything is performing the way I desire except.... when I am entering data into the Main Form and want to enter one of the subforms I cannot because of referential integrity. The error wants me to input a corresponding record into one of my subforms. I am of course going to do this but I need to enter data into a subform before I get to the field in the form that contains the corresponding record. Is there a way to prevent the MainForm from updating when you enter a subform?
xample: I have a form with 5 tabs. 4 of those tabs have subforms. I need to enter data on subform in tab 2 but I need a corresponding record on a field in tab 4 in order to enter the subform on tab 2. Make sense? Any help or ideas appreciated.
If the forms are bound to tables Access will always try to save before moving to a subform.
Can you post a demo version of your database so we can see the tables and forms? It must be zipped and less than 500k in size.
Bo Melin
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