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I have created a cd database in access and need some help. It consists of one table. My problem is that i have album covers and track lists beside them but i have got 10 of them on the screen. I was wondering if there is any way I can have only the amount of album covers that i need. (If I have 2 albums from one artist show 2 album covers and track listings for that record and I have 7 album for another artist and show 7 album covers for this artist).

HAs I said before I have 10 cover places on the form but it looks wrong having them there and empty.

Oknow i can put lots of items on form and hide them but I want them to appear when needed, not all the time and I don't want to have to go into design mode to unhide them when they are needed.

Is there any way round this.

I have attached a screen shot of the form in question.

Thanks in advance


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control.fisible = false
makes the control disappear
If you hide a control when it's empty the form will show a lot of empty space. It will not shrink in size
would recommend a redesign of your database. Based on your description I would say that you need at least 5 different tables instead of one (for Genres, Albums, Artists, TrackLists and Covers). It's a lot of work to make the redesign but will make it easier to show only the actual number of covers and tracks for each album.
Read about database planning and normalization using the links provided at the end of this post . This will guide you to a better design.
Bo Melin
Thanks very much for your quick replies. I thought i'd have to redesign it (was in denial!!).
Thanks again.
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