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I have a form that has 3 subforms, when navigating the links work just fine. But I created a search to amend records that would filter to the form with a specific autonumber ID. I assumed that the links in the subforms would match the information in the main form. But it doesn't. They just don't populate. Am I missing something?
The next thing I tried was to amend the records whom ever runs a report and it shows the records that need fixed I use the autonumber ID to direct them in the search from. Anyway I tried a script that opens the form hidden and then navigates to the record which works great with the exception that the autonumber ID and the record numbers don't match any longer. So I need a little help and direction, which way would be best. I have tried reading about all of these and I have come accross problems and bugs with filtering, and haven't found a way to get the table record number to display on the the report I run. I am just trying to understand maybe what direction to go. So any help and direction would be very helpful,
Hi Bob,
"They just don't populate."
Use CONTROL names, not fieldnames in the LinkChildFields and LinkMasterFields properties
HAs for your second question, please specify the details and post your code. When you post code, please be sure to use the Code tags around it -- look below message pane for tag to click on before you paste your code -- then put your code between the opening and closing tags ...using the "code" tags above and below your codeblock makes it much easier to read and preserves the indents and, therefore, makes it easier for others understand

{code} then your code then {/code}

-- substitute [ ] for { }

couldn't put square brackets in here or my message would have turned into a codeblock!
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