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Been trying to make a Search Form, I am almost there, I have used the Like Operator but its no good.
I have a database of 17000 products.
For example Product Names: Epson Ink C80 Black
If I search Epson it will apear, Epson Ink C80 it will Appear.
I need to make the DB work a little harder so I could type Epson C80 and it to apear,
Any suggestions?
Larry Larsen
Can't but help feel that's a better way..
If I was asked to searching through a vast list, i would consider "breaking it down"..
Your example is printer cartridges.. if you look on any web site where they are selling these items, your asked to search out your make and model.. first.
Would this not be a better option to provide a list of manufactures then a list of models made by that manufacture.. then pick your model from a much reduced and quicker search.. list.
If your asking user to type in descriptions than your asking for a lot.. and end up providing a coded solution for those that always get it wrong..
Cut out the user errors and provide them with a multi-select option..
( your going to say that the printer cartridges were just an example..)
The kind of search you are looking for is not present in Access right now and is not very easy to implement. Take a look at this previous thread for some additional reading on this subject.
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