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Hi all,
I have a subform (which is continuous) which can contain 1, 2, or hundreds of entries.
On each record on the subform there is a checkbox called ckPrint. I wish to have a button labeled "Select All" on the main form which will enable the user to select all entries in one go.
Is it possible to do this?
The way I have done this in the past is append all the records to a temp table which is used as the subform's record source, add a boolean field for Selected. Then on the Select All button click, run an update query to set the selected field to Yes.
Yes it is definitely possible to do.
o see it in action, check out this example in the code archive:
Batch Printing Invoices
William, Boyd - Thank you sad.gif sad.gif
You're welcome!
Glad we could assist.
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