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I have the form that will be used by a managers and regular desk people. The managers only care about the shops in their area, but the desk people need to see them all. My table is based off a query, what would be the best way for the managers to be able to filter out only there shops? I was thinking check boxes on the form, where they could select their name, click a search button, and have only their shops appear. Normally wouldn't be a problem for me, but I have 10 managers, and am not that good in the IF department yet when combining that many variables.
FOr if someone else has an easier way of doing this, always glad to hear.....
HAs always, thanks in advance.....
'd suggest that you use a 'log-on' method, that way you could have the forms/query
show only the relevant data for the person logged on's access level.
There are various log on demo's in the archives of this site you could use.
Good luck with your project.
Trying to avoid the whole log on part. That was my first thought. But with the group that will be using it, having a check box or something along those lines would be easier. My other idea was always having the main form open on startup, but having a button, that will open kinda like a switchboard, where they can select what shops they want to see, wheather by manager or all shops.
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