Full Version: How can i display the computer cpu,memory ect. information on a
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i would like to be able to display thte above information on a ms access form
Larry Larsen
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heck out: Get System Information (CPU,Memory,IP,MAC,User,Processor...) Version: 2000 (9.0) ..
- MAC address
- IP address
- Screen Resolution
- ComputerName
- UserName
- OS Version
- CPU Usage (in %)
- Processor & Build
- Total Physical Memory
- Available Physical Memory
- Total Virtual Memory
- Available Virtual Memory
- Local Drive
- System Directory
- Windows Directory
- All Users Directory
- Temp Directory
- Log On Server
- Profile
thanks for the welcome,i am looking for a nice Gui any recommendations.thank you again
Larry Larsen
Ofrequent our User Inferace design forum to catch up on some amazing designs..
I have to say I haven't seen any about that in the style..
x-yon x studios has some awesome designs way to advance for me i am just trying to get a hang of this ms access vba thing
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