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I want to create a control on a form to use the data from one table to put information into a field of another table.
do not want a relationship between table and the field - - since the table data will change year to year (teachers) but I need the destination to stay what I put it. (teacher the child had for 2nd grade).
So, when a teacher leaves at the end of a year and I change the teachers in the tblTEACHERS - - I still want the information in the tblSTUDENT_Yearinfo to say who the 2nd grade teacher was.
tblTEACHERS!teach_LName (has the data I want)
tblSTUDENTS_Yearinfo!HOMEROOM (is the destination for the data)
Why are you moving data from one table to another?
Sounds like the database structure is not correct.
Can you post the database, <without any sensitive data in it> for us to take a look see?
Good luck with your project.
The structure may not be correct - since I just recently decided to make it so I could track a child's test records over several years instead of just one year of information in the database. This is actually what has caused me to come to this question.
I have a table with a list of teachers in the school. Each year as teachers come and go I want to be able to change this list - it has room number, grade taught, ect.
I have my students in another table, and then a table of student info that chages from year to year (This one I split from the main student one when I decided to go to multi-year tracking). Before switching to a multi-year tracking, I had the HOMEROOM teacher with a relationship to Students. BUT, now that I want to track information over several years, I can no longer keep a relationship link between the two tables.
BECAUSE: Mrs. Jones will teach 2nd grade in 2006-07 and taught Timmy reading
- Mrs. Jones leaves at the end of the year and I go in and delete Mrs. Jones and put in her replacement Mrs. Nice.
If the relationship still exists between the two tables - - Timmy will now have in his records that Mrs. Nice taught him Reading - - but that is not true. I still need it to show that Timmy was taught reading in 2nd grade by Mrs. Jones. Even though Mrs. Jones is no longer in the Teachers Table.
I hope that clears it up as to what I want. For all the other fields in tblSTUDENTS-yearinfo, I have used value lists or checkboxes, but for the Homeroom teacher I would like an easier way to change the list of teachers each year.
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