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I searched for Transactions and Access Transactions and SQL Transactions but was unable to find anything
to help me out...
The tables I am updating are all via VBA code, and I use DAO. How do I setup Transactions, and then Commit or Rollback.???
I guess I just put the Rollback in my Error Handler section???? and the Commit in the Line just above my
Error Handler???
I appreciate the help.
Here's a link to Transactions in the archives
Good luck,
Are you referring to you previous post

I did you try searching on my suggestions in your previous post? You should have found these in the Access help files and on the web.

Normally you want to reply back to the original thread so that all the information related to the topic is together. I have been looking for you response to your previous post when I just stumbled across this new one.

Please look at your original post for some code samples.

Hopefully the code the will help you ...

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See Attached
had these old notes kicking around hopefully they will point you in the right direction.
Odid not see your 2nd post or the edits you made to the first response, until now. I've had several instances
where my follow up questions were never addressed, so I created a new post. I'll be a bit more patient in the
Thanks for the examples by the way. I'm still a little confused...(I have downloaded but not looked at Glenn's attachment
Let me test a few things and get back to you.
Thanks for your help.
ransactions are confusing at first. I have found them very useful in Accounting and payroll systems.
We will be here if you have any more questions.
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