Full Version: Can you tell access to not save a record?
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I have a form with 5 tabs in a tab control. This first tab is the main form Sales Order which has a one-to-many relationship with the next 3 tabs: Sub Form-Phone Order, Sub Form-ILEC Phone, and Sub Form-Data. The last tab just has some buttons on it one of which is Save Order. I would like to be able to move through each of these tabs w/o Access saving any of the records until the Save Order button is clicked. Right now because there are fields required at the table level if you try to click to another form it will tell you that the field is required and not let you do anything until you fill them in. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
Jack Cowley
Remove your Required fields from the table(s). Use the Forms Before Update event to check for missing data and then give the user the opportunity to save the data or to not save the data. In the Forms Before Update event you can use:
ancel = True
to cancel the update to the table and undo all the data that has been entered into the form.
Check the Before Update event in Access help for more help with this event....
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