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I have a form with txtStartDate and txtEndDate and an unbound control "CreditList" that will show records based on the AppointmentDate from the range of dates in StartDate and EndDate.
reditList is the Unbound control and its rowsource is:
SELECT DISTINCTROW CustomerAppointmentHistory.CustomerID, CustomerAppointmentHistory.AppointmentDate, CustomerAppointmentHistory.[Payment Date], CustomerAppointmentHistory.Checks, CustomerAppointmentHistory.Cash, CustomerAppointmentHistory.Credit, CustomerAppointmentHistory.GiftCert, CustomerAppointmentHistory.POA FROM CustomerAppointmentHistory
WHERE (((CustomerAppointmentHistory.CustomerID)=[Forms]![PaymentSummary3]![CustID]) Between [forms]![PaymentSummary3]![txtStartDate] And [forms]![PaymentSummary3]![txtEndDate])
My question is if I have the row source correct - how do I get the CreditList Control to refresh after the End Date is selected. I added me.requery in the AfterUpdate event for the EndDate......
Try: Me.CreditList.Requery
Assuming all of these controls are on the same form)
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