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What should be simple I made hard. I have a form pulling directly from a table. I want to pull the greatest value from separate columns and only show that value. Should I use a text box or some other method to get the best results.
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With all due respect, it sounds like you should restructure your data ... if you have multiple fields storing the same information, the fields need to be multiple records in a related table. Read this:
ccess Basics
30-page Word document on Access Basics (for Programming) -- it doesn't cover VBA, but prepares you for it because it covers essentials in Access
I have table with 5 separate columns each have different values in them. I want to create a form that can pull the greatest values from each of these columns
Larry Larsen
I have to agree with Crystal.. with regards to your data structure..
Are you able to show us your table structure..?
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