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Hi All,
A tad confused !!! We have just tfred our data to MySQL Server - I was led up the garden path a bit on this I think. My understanding was that apart from some alterations in my queries everything should be fine - wrong again. Pls point out if I am on wrong track...sure you will...
One problem I have is that my data input forms now load slooowly and the registers (which is just my name for the record list forms) run slooooower still. I am assuming I can use pass-through queries etc to fix this (for these registers at anyway).
2nd problem is the continuous stream of "do you wish to drop changes...." messages. My understanding is this is due to the PK assignment.
These 2 problems (amoung others) have prompted me to think that unbound could be the way to go. Until now all forms in the db have been bound to underlying tables. From reading and investigating I feel that the general feel is 'unbound' when working with ODBC.
This (apart from a major pain the butt) isn't a huge problem however I have a few subforms on the forms which I thought I may be able to use list boxes instead (list source being set in code). I have set this up to the stage where it loads the data in list boxes when the form is opened - new selections are made from an extra dialog box & on closing the form list box is updated - but how do I now update the data from what is set in the list box.
Maybe there is a better way ...
You're talking about MySQL and not MS SQL Server right?
o work with Access as a front end you need to set options
in the MyODBC driver setup.
This is off the top of my head so it my not be complete:
Change BigInt to Integer.
Return Matching Rows.
Allow dynamic cursors.
All tables that you want to update using Access must include a
time stamp column.
Obviously the primary key needs to be present for all tables
included in a recordsource.
If you are using ADO the cursor type needs to be client side.
Yeah sorry MySQL (you can tell it is new stuff)
I have the tables all linked, have used dynamic cursors, cursor type is client side. all have PK's as well as having relationships etc all set. I have also changed all code to ADO.
The time stamp ?? - is this just another field or is it a special set one - how does this make a difference
integers are all set as INT(10) (I am using the query browser tool) should this be smaller? I have managed to tfr all data successfully from Access. I found that the biggest reason for the slow forms was that I was binding to linked tables - so I am in the process of redesigning the forms.
What is the best way for dealing with old subforms. Those that are just a list are fine (I explained how I did this before) however this is not as easy with (eg) ordering items ie: 2 X resource kits; 3 X something else.
Has anyone got any thoughts on the best way to deal with these.
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