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Is this possible?
I'm setting up my own "security" and I have a form which allows an ADMIN to join a User with a Department.
ie. Select a Username from a combo, and a Department for another combo...to create a record in
a jct. table. This works great...
I have an identical form where you join the Department with a Form/Report name in order to grant access to
that particular Object.
I have the combo for Department,
My question is for my list of forms...
1. Is there a way to programatically populate a combo box dynamically with existing Form/Report names?
2. There are some forms I do not want in my list...(look up fields that will never have data added) etc.
so should I set my combo recordsourcetype to ValueList and enter all the names Manually? or
Create a table where someone can manage the Forms/Reports that need to be "secured" and have my
combo bound to that table?
Thanks in advance for your help..
Jack Cowley
If you only want to show certain forms and reports then I would have a single table with a list of the names of the forms and reports....
My 3 cents worth...
This may help as well
Thanks. That's exactly what I need.....
Jack and I are glad to help, Good Luck With Your DB sad.gif
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