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Without using "popup", is there a way to make the form appear as the same size it is in Form Design? (not fill up the screen)
Make sure the Resize property is set to Yes or look into the MoveSize method. HTH.
yes...go to the Access Options...dialog which is behind the round large Office button in the top left corner. In the Access Options dialog go to the Current Database page and use overlapping windows instead of tabbed documents. You might find some of the tutorials on my website (link in signature) helpful.
Good luck
Thank you, theDBguy and HTH,
oveSize looks interesting, but it's not doing what I want. Maybe I'm inserting it in the wrong place - or maybe I'm using it wrong. I'll have to play with it some more.
Overlapping seems to be doing the trick.
Thank you,
You're welcome.
The MoveSize method is not what you wanted. Access 2007 introduces a new way to deal with objects which as tabbed documents. If you want to continue to see them as overlapping windows like in prior Access editions then you have found the property you need to switch.
BTW (by the way)...my name is not HTH sad.gif...it means Hope This/That Helps.
Good luck on future projects.
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