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Hello everyone,
I have an excel workbook with a form... Not I used this for and the code in other workbooks but this one just does not want to work.... I think the problem is somewhere in the code below but I can't point it out... Please help...
  Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
  cboDocument.Value = ""
    With cboDataType
        .AddItem "Voluntary"
        .AddItem "AIP"
        .AddItem "CA Low Cost"
        .AddItem "Takeout"
        .AddItem "Terr Cr"
        .AddItem "Vol Cr"
    End With
    cboDataType.Value = ""
    With cboYear
        .AddItem "2003"
        .AddItem "2004"
        .AddItem "2005"
        .AddItem "2006"
        .AddItem "2007"
        .AddItem "2008"
        .AddItem "2009"
        .AddItem "2010"
    End With
    cboYear.Value = ""
    With cboQrt
        .AddItem "03"
        .AddItem "06"
        .AddItem "09"
        .AddItem "12"
    End With
    cboQrt.Value = ""
    NuTotalRecords.Value = ""
    With cboMedia
        .AddItem "SecureZip"
        .AddItem "CD"
        .AddItem "Cart"
        .AddItem "Paper"
        .AddItem "E-mail"
    End With
    cboMedia.Value = ""
    NuReceiptD.Value = ""
    NuUpdateD.Value = ""
    TxDescription.Value = ""
    With cboAcknowledge
        .AddItem "Yes"
        .AddItem "No"
    End With
    cboAcknowledge.Value = ""
    TxContact.Value = ""
    With cboOrg
        .AddItem "ISO"
        .AddItem "ISS"
        .AddItem "NISS"
        .AddItem "MSO"
        .AddItem "AAIS"
        .AddItem "MASS"
    End With
    cboOrg.Value = ""
End Sub
If this is an Excel issue, you may want to have it moved to the Excel forum.
Mods, feel free to delete my post)
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