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Hello guys:
I have a simple question (simple questions is what make me crazy)..
I made a report based on a query and it works fine.
The report lists reciept (numbers, dates, and money amounts). I want to add a calculation field to sum up the money amount.
I think that I need to place this fiels in a different section. I dont know how or where I can create such section.
I have the following sections: report header, page header, detail, page footer, and report footer.
How can I add a new section that makes the summing field work.
You would place this control in the report's footer.
Thanx William..
that did it.. sad.gif
But just for the sake of knowing it..how can I add sections?
For example if I have two sub reports and I need to have each in a different section. How can I go about this?
thank u
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