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I am trying to figure the best way to do this in a query. I have 2 objectives
1) Provide a list of borrowers that need call backs the day after their app submit date
2) Provide a list of borrowers that need a call back if we still have not received their app within 14 days of the submit date.
With #1: I am able to get the query to show me the borrowers I want just by saying iif([subdt]+1=date(),"call needed","") However I can not figure out how to account for the weekend since we are closed. So anything submitted Fri. evening to Monday 8am would need a call Monday. How should I do this.
Oassume I will run into the same issue with #2, but it should be applicable to both situations.
Search on UA for "networkdays" and you will find code to exclude weekends and holidays from calculations involving aging of dates.
Yeah, I don't get it. I don't write code much so it looks pretty foreign to me.
Nevermind. I got it to work in another way. Thanks!
Glad you got it sorted. Good luck with your project. thumbup.gif
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