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Is there any way for me to print double sided with some constraints?
I have a database that is printing 5-6 (3 double sided) page letters. If the letter is 6 pages I am fine, it just finishes one letter on the back side of a page and begins a new page for the next letter. My problem is for a 5 page letter it wants to print the last page of the letter on the front of a page then begin printing the next letter on the back of the same page. Is there any way around this to get a new letter to start on the front of a new page of paper?
Add a page break control to your report at the 'end' of the letter design - i assume that this must be in a group footer section , but that is not really important, except that you know where it is.
When in the Format event procedure for that section check the page number and make the control visible or invisible:
If Me.Page Mod 2 = 0 then ' currently an even page
Me.pgBreak.Visible = true
Me.pgBreak.Visible = false
end if
I'm trying this but its not working. Its not recognizing the method of pgBreak. Is this a new method in a new version. I am running on Access 2000. I looked through other available methods and I'm not finding anything that will do this.
Hi, I am trying to print double sided. Can you please help me in that?
'pgBreak' must be the name of YOUR pagebreak control.
I am sorry, I am new to VBA. I didn't understand you
Jumping in ...
From the Control Tool box, add a page break control to the report. Then you will be able to use the suggested code.
Whoa, brain malfunction...
Thanks guys it works perfectly. Now I just need to figure out how to turn the group header off for that blank page that I had set to repeat section.
Thanks again.
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