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I am not experienced with Access programming, and have unable to find a simple answer to my problem.
I have created a table in MS Access that contains records of business name changes over a long period of time. What I would like is to create a simple query that traces a business over the course of its history. I.e. I type in the original name, and get a report of the name post-reorganization event, and then the query continues by searching for subsequent transactions under the new name.
Name -> New Name
New Name -> Third Name
Unfortunately, it isn't easy to understand the query guidelines. I've finally got a query for the initial name to work using the following criteria - Like "*" & [Forms]![frmName]![Text0] & "*" Or "*" - this returns the results for the original name.
(My table has Five columns - Name, Year, State, Transaction Type, Ending Name). Is there a query I can use to continue the search using the new Ending Name?
Jack Cowley
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CompanyID (PK and auto)
...other necessary fields...

NameChangesID (PK and auto)
CompanyID (FK)

Every time a company changes its name you add a new record. Now you have a history and no query required... Note that Name, Year and State are reserved words in Access and s space in object name is never a good idea..

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