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I have seen this post...
New record entry at top of datasheet
Ocreated 2 subforms on my main form. Main form is bound to [table1] and the 2 subforms are bound to [table2].
Then they are all linked by [field1].
When I first open the form all is good. I have a new entry in subform1(datasheet view) and can see all the data in subform2(datasheet view).
My problem is...when I change records via the record selectors subform1 shows the first record entry instead of being blank for a new record. I set the oncurrent property to me.dataentry = true, but that made the form VERY slow and wouldn't allow me to actually enter any data in.
you might actually like this sample helpful.
Good luck
Larry Larsen
Hi Don
Would you consider a design change and use a continuous form..!!
Continuous Form With New Record On Top.mdb (intermediate) <
Thanks for your ideas. I will mess around with this and let you know how it goes.
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