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I have the attached database including a data input form where I want to enter company names and a number of categories against it using a multi selct list box (I found help how to do this using this ). I now have a problem where by once I've entered a company using the form and exit the form, the next time I use the form any previously chosen categories are missing from the list box. Can anyone help me identify the error I've made.
lso, how is the easiest way to put in a second form whereby I can go to any previously entered companies record and select/de-select any previously chosen categories?
Not sure if this is what you want. HTH

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Thanks for looking into this, but I can't seem to be able to make it work. For example, if I select categories 1 & 3 in a company, no other companies I enter afterwards can have those selected. Why is this?
lso, if I wanted to make this a data entry only form, how do I make another form where I can choose the a company from a drop-down box and then edit the categories for that company?
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