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know this is the Forms section but i couldn't decide on a suitable section of the site so ......
Yr /> know this is the Forms section but i couldn't decide on a suitable section of the site so ......
YOur office runs Office 2000 Professional across all users and i've been finishing off a Access Data Project in this program for distribution to our 20 users. They all have Office2000 installed and i've been giving them .ade versions of the application and all is working well.
We will, however, be upgrading to Office 2007 applications this year and will totally uninstall Office2000 beforehand. Then install only the 2007 applications actually used (outlook/word/excel) rather than the whole suite.
There is no good reason to buy and install full blown copies of Access 2007 just to run this project so what options do i have to distribute my 2000 era program, effectively to machines without Access installed.
Actually, I think the most cost effective way to do this would for you to get A2007 now and upgrade your database. Then you can use the Free Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime to distribute a working app to users who do not have A2007 installed.
hi william. Sound advice indeed.
o just to be 100% clear, with this runtime they can have no MS office applications installed and the application will work just fine ?
If i then make updates to my application will they just re-install or drop the latest copy over the old one ?
yes...the runtime enables users who do not have Office/Full Access installed to use your application. Normally the application should be split into a frontend backend set up and you would only distribute the frontend with an installation package that includes the runtime files. After the initial installation of the package/runtime files/application you would only update the frontend files by replacing them in the directory that they were housed in. You might need to update shortcuts/start menu entries if you change the names/location of the frontend file itself. The frontend would just link back to one backend sitting on the server/shared drive somewhere.
Good luck
If its of any assistance I have been doing exactly this and the runtime is working fine. My database is split into a frontend which is on each users machine, and the frontend is linked to the backend which is on the shared drive of the network.
Here is some basic information about the 2007 runtime
The only issue I have encounted is that some elements of the user interface that would be useful to end users (cut, paste records, search options, printing reports) are not available in the runtime version.
I have posted about this issue here in the hope of finding a solution - here is the link in case this information is also useful to you.
In the process of converting your database over to 2007 I would suggest you test how it looks at runtime early and often so you know what is available and what is missing!
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