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I'd like to make a form with a list on the left containing names of staff and then numerous list windows on the right that are grouped into shifts into which I can drag and drop the staff names. The drag and drop is doable, thanks to add-ins out there, but I'm not sure how to set up the project lists.
sers want:
--all project 'windows' visible on the main form
--ability to add other projects in different shifts
--ability to cross-check and flag staff names who are added > once
--ability to compare staffing of historical projects (previous quarters).
Each staff name, project, and time of day (1st, 2nd, 3rd shift) join would, I suppose, be an instance. This is, in effect, a scheduling dbase.
I've set up many forms, but none like this. Any insight is appreciated.
Hi Again,
Sleeping on such problems tends to help, right? Here are more of my own thoughts. At first sight, it would appear that to accomplish this form design, every project would have to be a column in a table or range on a spreadsheet, which is not normalized--we have, by the way, been using Excel for this. Here are the possible tables:
join - jtblAlloftheAbove
Now picture a main form with a staff lstbox and about 30 lstboxes or subforms--each with a different combination of Project, Quarter, Year, and Shfit. If staff names can be dragged-and-dropped into these different project lstboxes, can this data be put into jtblAlloftheAbove?
Thanks again
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