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recently came across a Visual Basic website by Peter Aitken which is packed with stuff...
The first thing that caught my eye was a section titled 'Display 3-D text on a form'.
Now... I haven't been able to get it to work yet... but I thought maybe someone could take a crack at it.
Osounds like it could be a nice addition to any form, but like I said... I haven't yet had an opportunity to get it to work.
I've attached a db with the basic setup the instructions outlined, but I don't think it was intended for VBA.
Anyhow, I hope you find it interesting.
Here's the website also,
I took a look, and there is one call in it that definitely doesn't exist (by that name anyway) in VBA - the .hdc call. This is a graphic "hook" that is used in VB, but I don't think there is a direct equivalent in VB, unless you can patch from the hWND instead. I'm not that well versed in that type fo manipuation, but it looks like that is the main showstopper.
The other tweaks that would be needed is the FONT assignments are assigned at the FIELD level in VBA, not the FORM level, so minor adjustments there. (The names are a little different, too. .FONT.NAME in VBA is .FONTNAME, for example)
In theory this should be portable, if you can get the actual screen/window references to map to the form. My spare few minutes didn't yield working code.
Anyone else?
Hi Dragyn,
Thanks for you input. From your post, is sounds as though you are far more well versed in VB and VBA than I am... (maybe one day I'll get there).
Needless to say, I've not had a chance to find the work around either.
It would be interesting to see it in action though. What would I need to get it working in VB?
Thanks again,
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