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I have a continuous form that has a few check boxes. is there a way to set up a button to clear a category of check boxes to =0?
Jack Cowley
If your check boxes are FIELDS in a RECORD then your structure is not normalized. If you have more than a single check box in a record then you need to change them to RECORDS in a TABLE...
If your table looks like this:
MyTableID (PK and auto)
...other fields...
then you need to change it to....1 record for each category...
CategoryID (PK and auto)
MyTableAndCategoriesID (PK and auto)
MyTableID (FK)
CategoryID (FK)
If your structure is normalized then use an Update Query to update the records...
Then perhaps you can help me with my quandry. We talked about auto generating records before and your suggestion was that it was a bad idea. I thought of another way I can make my schedule work.kinda. My thought was to put checkboxes that represent days of the week. then filter for the day and you would have your schedule. but if thats not normal, then what is your suggestion?
Jack Cowley
Now I recall the 'don't fill in records in advance' discussion... I do not have a problem filling in a 'schedule' for a week in advanc;e, what most of us do not do is fill in records that MAY get used at some point in the future. If I recall correctly you have a transport service and you want to print out a schedule for next week or something like that and you do not want to have to do it by hand. I agree with that approach so what you do is fill in the data once then use that data to fill in next weeks schedule. As people call in and change their days, or whatever, you update your basic table(s) and then code (an append query would work) fills in next weeks schedule.
do not know how much information you need/save for each 'trip' but I have no problem, that I can think of at the moment, that would suggest you NOT do this...
I'm sorry if I have changed horses on you in midstream, but the basic advice of not creating records in advance is generally sound...
Does this help or have I just muddied the waters?
PS. Your filter suggest might just work too! Again, since I do not know how your data is structured it is hard to give you a specific suggestion...
Thanks jack. i ll tinker with it further. just wanted to make sure what i was doing wasn't the wrong way.
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