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How can I change the "Allow edits" property of a form to Yes or No by Double clicking in a field?
Thanks and Regards.
To toggle back and forth:
e.AllowEdits = Not Me.AllowEdits
Thanks so much dear Paul, but to return to the normal status(AllowEdits=False) after lost focus or clicking another text box, I want the form return to its previous property(Allow Edits= False) again.
Oprefered to write the code for the event of a Toggle button, when it is pressed: Me.AllowEdits = Not Me.AllowEdits...when it is unpressed,...what changes should I do till it returns to AllowEdits=False for the toggle button?
Thanks and Regards.
The approach I use is to be very specific with the code when something is clicked.
The trouble with Allow Edits = true is that every control is open for edits. What I do is have positive action buttons on my form that, when clicked, allows edits on the controls that i want the user to edit, and only those.
Oalso hide other navigation buttons at this time, some controls etc so the user is only updating what should be updated.
When this is done that they "save" the record, I return the form to its normal, read only state.
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