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Situation: I have a database with 2 tables Student table and Counselor table. Student table fields consists of Student ID (primary key), Lname, Fname, High School Code, High School Counselor ID.
tudent table has all information except HSCID which I want to populate from HSCounselor subform or form
Counselor table fields consists of High School Counselor ID (auto #(primary key), Name, High School Code.
I have created a subform from the HSCounselor Table to show on the Student form.
Objective: To have 1 subform record show per one student record (could have 5 counselors per school but each student is only assigned 1 counsleor ----that is the relationship I am looking for)
What's happening now: 1. Subform shows all counsleors from the one school with the same HSCode
2. Student table does not populate with the HSCID
Tables are joined on HSCID in a one to many relationship.
If anyone can help me with this situation it will be greatly appreciated.
Have you got the parent child relationship set up in the form for the StudentID?
You have to link the student to the councillor, and you need to generate this relationship in your table. However, as you have only one councillor per student, you could populate this ID in your student table.
Got to confess, it is not the easiest way to follow things in the written word.
If I have missed your explanation oir design, strip the base, compact, zip and post to the site and we will take a look.
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