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I have searched the forum but could not get the answer.
I have two fields in table
REVIEW – Checkbox (Yes/No field)
REVDATE – Date field
This is a reminder service where the user checks the box and enters the date by which certain action is required. When DB is opened a list pops up if there is anything for review on that day. If action is completed, user unchecks the box and deletes the date.
Most of the times, action for all items in the list are complete and user clears the field entries one by one. I would like to automate this through a command button so that REVIEW and REVIEWDATE in the Reminder List is cleared in one go. Grateful for code help.
I would use an update query.

Maybe something like:

If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False
CurrentDb.Execute "UPDATE MyTable SET  REVIEW  = No, REVDATE  = Null WHERE  REVDATE  = Date();"

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Thanks a lot
It is working
You're welcome!
Glad we could assist.
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