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Hopefully someone can provide an answer to this question.
I have a form that is not bound to a table. The only purpose the form has is to hold an image for reference. What I need to do is have several (many to be exact) radio buttons on this image (form) for the user to mark locations. The problem is that since it is not tied to a form, and hence no records attached to the form, if you close the form and reopen, the radio buttons are all blank again.
Is there a way to have the radio buttons stay selected until deselected at a later time without have a table attached to the form. I don't want many records for these radio buttons, just basically image placeholders.
Nope, you'd need to store the value of the option group(s) in a table otherwise it will show the default value everytime you open the form........
While there are various locations you could persist a value in code and retrieve it when you next open the form and assign the option group to that value - there isn't going to be a simpler choice than using a table as Alan suggests. There's nothing wrong with maintaining local tables to hold application settings - that are quite apart from your careful data model for your application's database structure. (Indeed it's one of Access' great strengths - a convenient and fast local data repository!)
If you hated the idea then (think about it a bit more first until you like it lol ;-) you can create custom properties in the form - or in the MDB itself - to hold your settings. Or use a file or registry persistence. (Which will allow for replacing the front end and maintaining previous choices).
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