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I've got a database that, via linked tables to a master database organises, a specific part of that database, and there's a switchboard form that produces reports and some other goodies for the database maintainer.
nfortunately, it's not a simple matter to transfer an electronic copy of those reports to others - publishing in word or excel makes them look horrid. Best I can think of is to print screen, paste into paint and cut the relevent report into word.
My goal is to give others access to something where they can print off as many of these reports as possible without giving them a chance to even access the critical data in the tables. Currently if they want anything they have to ask me for it.
I was thinking of another database with a linked form (switchboard) and possibly reports? Links to source tables not included. But perhaps you good people know a better way?
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On the VBA Editor, type this in the top right corner Help Box: Exporting Report Snapshots
Snapshots, as John suggests, one way of accomplishing what you need. Another option is to obtain a pdf generating utility that acts as a virtual printer. There are a number of pdf creating utilities avaialble at a fairly reasonable cost.
My first thought was also PDF. Of course Stpehen Lebans still has the definitive solution for this (entirely free) as found at http://www.lebans.com/reporttopdf.htm.
However - that still won't offer the end users any flexability. For example you mention:
"give others access to something where they can print off"
"without giving them a chance to even access the critical data in the tables"
"Currently if they want anything they have to ask me for it"
Are these standard reports - or do you have users asking you "Can I have a report for account A over the last 3 months"?
FOr are the reports standard and just distributed on an as-needed basis (when requested).
You'll probably want to offer *some* sort of Access front end then - with reporting criteria forms to allow them to generate the reports. (At a worst case scenario - this *could be a shared FE in a central location - it'll be strictly for reporting - no data entry or manipulation at all).
You could make the FE a read only file (easily changed it's true);
Set startup options to allow no access to tables directly - only your own UI (circumventable with some coding knowledge);
Or introduce security to go read only from that particular reporting Front End (would be possible but crasy to attempt to circumvent - as it's likely that currently any user with Access installed and knowledge of where the BE is can change your data ;-)
PDFs are simpler :-)
Depends on your requirements.
I think John's supplied the answer with snapshots. To answer some of the questions from Leigh's post, they're pretty static reports that won't need changing very often - the inputs in the tables will hardly change over the months. Time is not a variable in this particular case.
o using the code from the MSDN site http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/a...office.10).aspx I can manually run the following command as many times as I like for each report
DoCmd.OutputTo ObjectType:=acOutputReport, objectname:="invoice", outputformat:=acFormatSNP, outputfile:=CurrentProject.Path & "\Invoice.snp"
Copy them into a new folder (away from the critical DB) and that's the solution. Users can access the latest report in electronic format whenever, whereever and they won't be able to touch the ta
Well - fair enough, but you'll be installing the Snapshot viewer on the required user's PCs then...
That's why I'd thought Glenn's PDF suggestion would be normal (with the format being so completely standard).
Yeah - it is a shame there is no format like acFormatPDF, for example. Perhaps something for the powers that be to reconsider? I hadn't heard of snapshot files till yesterday.
Acc2007 can natively export to PDF format (with the update from MS installed).
HAs mentioned - for earlier versions Stephen Lebans offers a code solution to create PDFs for free - just use his supplied DLL and example code.
Distribution of the viewer makes snapshot of limited appeal to me.
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