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My project is in MS Access 2002.
In that I have two forms which I am using for Shipping Entry.
Now First Form(ShippingAlerts) Is fillup by persons working in customer services.and the Second Form(ShippingEntry) is fillup by workers operating Hi-Low machines to put Boxes in Trucks.
How In First Form(ShippingAlerts)I have some fields like
AutoNo,BillToAddress,ShipToAddress. and some other like
CustomerCode,ItemNo,PONo,LONo,PalletNo etc.all fields in this line are dependent fields.
AutoNo is automatically generated.and allocated to one ShippingAlert Form at a time.
Now in that Form when person select Customer from CustomerCode(ComboBox) then it will generate list for another ComboBox(ItemNo).Now when person select Item form ItemNo(ComboBox) then it will generate list for PONo(multiple select ListBox).same thing happen when select PONo(multiple select ListBox) then generate list for LONo(multiple select ListBox).and when select LONo(multiple select LIstBox) then generate list for PalletNo(multiple select ListBox).Now person have to choose which PalletNo he has to ship from that list.when he select mutiple PalletNo from list then it will automatically enter in new TextBox(FinalPalletNo).in that value is like this
THere I used ";" to seperate PalletNos.and sometimes there is no PalletNo then it will be like ";;" as I shown in upper line.
Now In Second Form(ShippingEntry) person working on machine has to select AutoNo of First Form(ShippingAlerts).So it will automatically fill some fields from that form.like
BillToAddress,ShipToAddress And value TextBox(FianlPalletNo) allocated to Another TextBox(PalletNo) on this form.
Now person working on machine scan the barcode of PalletNo and automatically it will enter data regarding that PalletNo in form.At the same time I want to higlight the same PalletNo in that TextBox(PalletNo).So person will know which PalletNo are remainng and which already done.I can do this thing if single value in TextBox(PalletNo).But there is value like this
So I don't Know hos to seperate it
Anyone have solution to this problem then plz give me.
Jack Cowley
PalletNo's need to be RECORDS in a related table not FIELDS in a RECORD. Something like:
PalletNumberID (PK and auto)
AutoNo (FK to form ShippingAlerts)
PalletNo (Number)
In your first form you need code to place the selected pallet numbers in the table above. Something like:
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim i As Integer
rs.Open "tblPalletNumber", CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
For i = 0 To ListBoxName.ListCount - 1
If Me.ListBoxName.Selected(i) = True Then
rs!AutoNo = Me.AutoNo
rs!PalletNo = ListBoxName.ItemData(i)
End If
Next i
Set rs = Nothing] [/code]
The above is pure air code and is UNTESTED...
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