Full Version: How to make form entries searchable?
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I have a form that includes an entry for last names. I want to be able to update data pertinent to each name by searching for the appropriate name in the last name entry box. In other words, as I type the desired name in the entry box, the form automatically switches to the related data. I can then add or subtract info from that name's related data. Right now, when I type in a desired name, it just replaces the current name record incorrectly without switching to the desired name's form.
Sorry for an incoherent question! I'm having a difficult time explaining it.
Thank you!
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Create a new combo box control on your form. (make sure the wizard icon is selected). Choose the third option "Find a record....". It will walk you through setting it up.
Then when you select the name in the combo box, it will move to that specific record.
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