Full Version: Scalinf Forms For Different Screens Resolution is not Anchoring
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I am happy that the issue of anchoring has recently been discussed in several posts. I think this is a very important user interface issue and hope that it will continue to evolve for the next version.
asically my claim in this discussion was that the issue of anchoring and the issue of scaling forms for different screen resolutions are related. I think that the latter is more important, I am working on a project with Access 2007 and I have a 1280x1028 screen resolutoin Monitor, the problem is that my Client has 1024x768 Screen resolution monitor and although I use anchoring in controls I can not managed to fit my form to 1024x 768, automatically.
Am I doing something wrong ??
Thanks ,
I have found when developing software ,or even web pages, it is best to design around the smaller resolution you want to support. Forms seam to handle resizing to a larger resolution (grow) a lot better than shrink from the original size.
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