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Hi All
I am trying to launch a form from a another custom form using 'Button (Form Control)' however can only launch a normal form and not one that is from the custom list (this is to prevent users from having access to the Design UI.
Can anyone help?
I don't think your explanation is too clear, but let me attempt to see if I understand. You want to open a form from another form, but you don't want the user to be able to go into design view?
If so, you just use the normal code (or macro if you prefer) to open the form:
DoCmd.OpenForm "YourFormNameHere", acNormal
And to keep them out of design view, I would create an ACCDE (MDE) from the MDB file and have them use it instead of the ACCDB.
Oh, and WELCOME TO UA! Forgot to include that sad.gif
Thanks for the help Bob
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