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I’m not sure if this would be the correct place to post this but here goes. I was making some changes to a form that had several text boxes, combo boxes, and a multiple-page Tab Control. I was attempting to add another combo box and when I finished that task, I tried to save the form. At that point, Access crashed and the normal Error popup showed up and asked me if I want to send an error report. I declined at this point and then tried to reopen my project.
nce it was open, it would not allow me to open the form (Form view or Design view) I had been working on. Fortunately I had a good backup and copied a clean version of the form into my project. I eventually was able to add another combo box and save the project. I then needed to add two additional pages to my Tab control. I was able to add the pages and when I attempted to place a text box within the first page, the project crashed again when I attempted to save. I found a way around this problem by copying and pasting an existing page containing a text box and was able to successfully save the project.
At midpoint through the above attempts, I decided to send an error report and followed the resulting link to Microsoft’s update site. It directed me to a security update for Office 2003, specifically KB838905-client-enu.exe. I thought this had fixed the problem but after a few attempts to add more controls, Access crashed again.
Has anyone seen a similar problem like this?
Back up often. As in every 30 minutes.
Before back up. Compact and Repair and aslo Convert to MDE. I find this practice will often force errors if there exist.
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