Full Version: Search records on any of several fields, eg. name, ssn, ClientID
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I'm sure there's already a thread and probably more than one about this and I'm hoping someone can direct me to it.
He have a program where a client can be enrolled multiple times. I want to make sure that no client is entered twice. I know we have some errors in the identification numbers the agency uses so even if this is set not to allow duplicates, it's possible a duplicate person will be entered. I want to ask the data entry person to search the client information prior to adding a new client. Ideally, I'd like her to be able to search by name, ssn, or agency client id all from one place.
By looking at several threads, I understand how to create a search based on one field using the combo box wizard. Is there a way I can do something like this but with 3 fields that can be searched in one place?
Yes, just put two more combo boxes on the form, each of which searches by the desired field.
Please look in the Code Archives as there several good examples there.
Hope this helps
I didn't think to search in the code archive. I just searched in the forms forum. I looked at several but they may be a bit complicated for my limited knowledge. I can sometimes follow the even procedures, but they sometimes make my eyes cross too.
think, Frank, your suggestion is probably the simplest even though it requires several combo boxes. I'd have the same info in each, just ordered by a different field. I hadn't yet thought of the added benefit that it will jump to the correct record.
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