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Hi..is it possible to have a split database with a SQL Server back end, with different versions of the front end running on up 20 Pc's?..
Absolutely. With SQL Server, your data is relatively safe from corruption. Each workstation has to maintain its own ODBC connection to the data and it's own version of the application portion. SQL Server doesn't care.
Good luck!
- Sligo
I believe there are 2 options - the simpliest is to set up an ODBC datasource on each machine that points to the database on the SQL server. Then simply link the SQL tables into the Access Front End and develop as normal before distributing it to the 20 PCs.

Ideally, the users would have an MDE and you would keep your master MDB to yourself for future versions.

If you have a mixture of Access 2K, and Access XP/2003 then you will need to make sure your front end is in Access 2K format which it would normally be by default.

The other option would be to use an ADP (Access Data Project) which negates the need for the ODBC datasource on each machine, but I personally find ADPs harder to work with than regular Access MDBs as they lack the built in functions I am used to using.

Hope this helps.
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