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I have an Access 2003 database w/ a SQL Server backend. I already have about twenty forms created on the frontend, but today I went to create a new table in SQL Server and then a form to go with it in Access. After creating the form, I tried to open it and nothing happens. Then I tried to open it in design view and still nothing happens. I thought maybe it got corrupted so I tried to cut and paste it into a new form, but nothing happens there either. I'm at a loss, except to recreate the form from scratch. I can open the linked table to view the data, but nothing w/ the data entry form.
tried copying the frontend on another user's pc and open the form, but the same thing happens. All of the other forms work. There is no code attached to this form that is any different from the other forms (ie, BeforeInsert event to grab the ID). Any ideas would be great!
I also noticed that if I try to import that table into a new blank database, it goes thru the process, but then nothing is actually imported. Hmmmm....
Now I've noticed that if I try and create any new form in the frontend, as soon as I try to save it, I get a "Send Error Report to Microsoft" message and the database backs up and closes. Everything still works in the database, so how can it be corrupted only when I try to create a new form?
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