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I have a database that shows a splash screen on open while it runs some background scripts to check versions and pre-load some information for the user. How can I make it so when they open this database, only the form shows.
want the database window hidden (The actual access frame with the new/open/print and file/tools etc). Essentially, I just want the splash form to load up, then it will close out at the end and load the actual front-end database.
I'll let somebody else here tell you how to do that. I just wanted to mention that it's not normally recommended due to other problems that it may cause. Just my 2 cents...
Found this response elsewhere:
o hide the database window and some of the toolbars/menubars, enter the code below into your startup/splsh screen:
Private Sub Form_Load()

'* Turn off all options on the View Tab

Application.SetOption "Show Status Bar", False
Application.SetOption "Show Startup Dialog Box", False
Application.SetOption "Show Hidden Objects", False
Application.SetOption "Show System Objects", False
Application.SetOption "Show Macro Names Column", False
Application.SetOption "Show Conditions Column", False

'* Turn off confirm options on the Edit/Find Tab

Application.SetOption "Confirm Record Changes", False
Application.SetOption "Confirm Document Deletions", False
Application.SetOption "Confirm Action Queries", False

'* Hide menus and toolbars

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Toolbox", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarNo


End Sub
R. Hicks
That code will not hide the Access Window as it appears you were wanting to do.
think what you want can be found at the location below ....
Manipulate Access Window
Note ... make sure you completely read the article and pay special attention to the problems that can be caused using this method.
This is an example of what your looking for........

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