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I have created a search form, using a query and some parametrised input that the user supplies via the form..is it possible for the user to search for more than one item in a text box...
Like "*" & [forms]![frmCallDetails].[Text136] & "*" takes one item at a time from the user, is it possible to add several search terms in the same field, or would I have to create different text boxes for each criteria
I am sure you could do it with one text control HOWEVER you would need a way to insure that your user CONSISTENTLY use the CORRECT delimiters between separate items.
asically you are searching for a way for your user to author their own custom WHERE clause.
If you had a text box that your user could type into (one item at a time) and then a button to click to "Add" it to the list (which you would display in another read-only control) you could then programmatically insert the appropriate concatenation and operators between list items.
This approach allows you more control and the option to get creative with what you allow your user to search for (IE: Where Field1="A" OR Field1= "B" but not Where Field2= "C").
Then one final button to "Search for Items in List" where you then finalize the WHERE clause, and that should do the trick...
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