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I have a form that has lost its Scroll bars and now I cannot view the bottom of the page(Form).
The Form Scroll Bar Properties are set to "Both".
Any ideas what is happening?
I created a fresh .mdb and imported all of the objects and I still have no Vertical Scroll bar for my primary form. The Horizontal scroll bar has returned.This is very strange.
Try maximising the Form just in case the vertical scrollbar is not seen in the visible portion of the Application window.
You can also check in the Debug window with:
? Forms("YourFormName").ScrollBars
which should returns 3 (0: no scrollbars, 1: horizontal only, 2: vertical only, 3: both).
hi Van, thanks for looking into this. I maximized, reset, minimized, etc. still nothing. Also, curiously, on the debug, I receive "3", so the program states both are set, but it just doesn't show the vertical. It does show the scroll bars in design mode, just not when the form is loaded and has focus.
Could the Border Style Property have been changed? Try Sizable and see what happens.
The BorderStyle is also set to Sizable, still nothing.
checked an earlier version and the scroll bars are available on that one. The latest version was working fine yesterday, but today, it is not playing nice.
Are any subforms involved? The main form may be showing at it's full size but the subform control may not be fully sized to its contents.
If all else fails, post the DB...
Hi Walter,
There are subforms. Should I go to those specific forms and insure the settings are maximized, etc?
More than likely the subform control needs scrollbars and not the main form.
.or the subforms need to be smaller..
..or the subform control needs to be bigger.
...Pick one. wink.gif
Well, here's the gig. This particular form has "a lot" of information on it. It has tabbed pages on it, 9 to be exact. On the first primary tabbed page, I have the following: a calendar control, four subforms, and five grids of toggle controls to show a schedule view. The bottom subform shows a list (Datasheet view) of all schedules for the date shown on the calendar control. The grids have the shedules broken down by location, sub categorized by "Test Type" and "Time." Of course behind the scenes I have a ton of code that populates all of these depending upon specific info within the tables. blah, blah, blah. Everything is held within the tabbed pages, so you would think the form border would recognize (and it has previously) that the page itself is larger than the screen .
I would post the db, but I don't think that would do much good, because the tables are linked to a MySQL DB on the BE through a secure OpenVPN and I couldn't give you access to that. So you could only see the FE. If you think you could still look at it with out the tables I could post. But nothing would work because it is all info driven, if you know what I mean. Beyond this silly scroll bar issue everything seems to work fine. It still balloons, but I haven't had it crash again, after Friday. Side note: that issue seemed to be exacberated by a SQL statement I created that never fully seemed to work properly, I scaled it back and I think I am within the working parameters. But, that's another thread.
Ok, how this happened I do not know. But, it appears everything in the Detail section of the form was moved to the form header. That raises a question of how do I prevent that from happening again?
nce I moved everything back to the detail section the Scroll bars returned.
It sounds to me that the whole TabControl got dragged/moved to the Form Header section by accident in one of the design sessions. It is fairly easy to do so if the Top position of the TabControl is zero as, IIRC, selecting the TabControl and hitting the up arrow once will pop the whole TabControl to the Form Header section!
I am reluctant to resurrect a thread as old as I am but I wanted to add to the trail of breadcrumbs for others.

I experienced this same problem but all of my form's objects were in the 'detail' section - I did not have a header.

Once I added a header and put a label in there, boom, scrollbar appeared.
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