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Please see attached file.
I'm trying to set up a query that will update existing records and add new records into a table. The query will then be called by window's scheduler via a macro. Unfortunately whenever I run this query I get an error saying that the Item Description field in the target table is not an updateable field and that the query has therefore failed.
Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this error and what to do to fix it?
I downloaded.
think you have left some things out of the downloaded database.
Sugget you download it yourself and look for the missing items.
Then recreate a new database and attach.
Would be happy to help with more info and real data.
ok, let's see if this is a little more clear. Sorry I forgot to make the tables visible in the previous example. I always tagged tables invisible so that most of my co-workers can't find them and mess them up.
The field "Item Description" in your Query "intermediate step query" is not Updateable because it is a Concatenated field.
You are trying to update the query. Is this what you want or do you want to update the table "Target Table".
I need to update the table "Target Table". How can it be trying to update a query when the only action query has [Target Table]!* in the "update to:" line?
The Table you are trying to update is intermediate step query.
pdate To Is the new value which you want to make. Swap your Query around. It is back to front.
HAs an example change the value in Update to, to "AAAA" and see what happens. But delete Item Description first as that is not updateable.
I think I've got my brain on the right track now. I just couldn't get the idea of "update to WHERE" out of my head when in actuality it was meant as "update to WHAT". Thanks for your patience and assistance.
Glad to hear you got it. Thanks for the update.
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