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Hello, I have just upgraded from office 2000, to 2007. I have a database with some mail merge documents . When I try to reset the merge information locate the proper query, the query does not show up in the list. Some of the queries do though, but not all of the them. If is very frustrating, as they worked fine in 2000. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are the missing queries parameter queries by any chance?
Yes I have I input boxes in the criteria
Then I'm afraid things have changed rather a lot.
The (current) default connection in Word to Access does not permit the use of parameter queries as data sources.
You have to force Word to use the older (more useful but now hidden) connection method called DDE.
There is a description of what to do in A2003 here:
Ohaven't used the feature in Off2007 so I can't say for certain that it still works as described; I wouldn't be surprised if the dialogs don't match exactly so you might have to do a bit more experimenting.
Thanks Peter, that information worked great!!!!!
Thanks again
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