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I created a sample database of something I am incorporating into a larger project. This database will allow you to put in the address and not only bring up google maps, but to also grab the longitude/latitude. What I am trying to do here, is to just get the 'map' portion. Currently it shows the whole maps.google.com website.
oogle has a 'Link to Page' which generates a "S=' parameter which is an encrypted code that is generated based on the address. Not sure why they did this. I know I can't recreate this encryption, so what I wanted to do is to programatically get to the website, have it look up and copy the code from the 'Link to Page' link. I am already doing this when I get the longitude/latitude in my code, however this 'Link to page' has a small pop-up box which I don't know how to read from programatically, or the specific url google generates.
Please look at the database and perhaps you guys can give me some ideas?
Larry Larsen
Have you checked out this :One : in our UA archives....?
Yep.. and got some ideas from him. However he's getting the s= parameter by having the user manaully going to the site, clicking the 'link to page' then copying the link and pasting it into access. I want to do this by automation.
Re:"S=' parameter which is an encrypted code that is generated based on the address. Not sure why they did this.

Perhaps to keep people from doing what we're contemplating here...automated map embedding. I guess I can't blame them for wanting to keep bots out of their servers. BTW...the "s" parameter, as I understand it, is an encrypted derivation of ALL the other parameters; not just the address. I noticed that when I merely changed the zoom level, the "s" parameter was changed.

I've barely scratched the surface with Internet Explorer automation. What you're proposing would be quite cool...getting and embedding maps with a single click of a button. The "s" parameter was a bit of a fly in the ointment for me. It forces you to interact with two successive pages on the GoogleMaps website...Three if you want to adjust the zoom level as I did. I'd really like to see what you come up with.
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Maybe you should have a look at This
Great job James! I'm tempted to even refer to it as..."DEFINITVE"
James. You've really split the Google atom here. I've incorporated your class module into two applications that track job incidents in lower Manhattan. Although there's no easy way to quantify this, I'd hazard to guess that the mere presence of the embedded maps have decreased data entry errors by at least 50 percent, where address related data is concerned.
do have one small request...if you have the time...
The embedded map, in its current form, only includes buttons for Map, Satellite, and Hybrid views. Is there any way to modify the code to include the "Street View" button on the map?
Adding streetview is not currently supported my this version.
Maybe in later versions.
That's OK Jim. Your post was gold. Took me a long way. Thanx again.
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