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I have a form to enter construction project information. When I get to the combo box for an Architect and find that the Architect I need for this project is not in that table, I go directly to the "architect entry form" and enter the architects data so that it will show up in the combo box now and in the future.
The only problem is that even though I have a save record command button in the architect entry form, I cannot go directly back to the construction project information form and select that newly entered architect unless I close totally out of everything except my switchboard and go back into the project info page.
Is there someway to make it instantaneous so that I don't have to go through this pain.
Thanks in advance.
Take a look using the Advanced Search upper left corner and type in Not In List Event if you have a problem locating etc. let me know
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I did it but I don't know what I am looking for.
Try looking up "Not In List" in Access Help. Maybe you'll have better luck there. Just my 2 cents...
Ok, I have looked through 200 answers and none pertain to what I am doing. Any more help?
take a Look Here
Nice link, John. thumbup.gif
pen the Attachment and enter a Name in the Main Form
Then open the main form in design view,
double click on the Combo and the Property window will open.
click the Event Tab
scroll to the On Not in List [Event Procedure]
click the ... to the right
What you see is the Code used to open the the other form to add the Name
If your current set-up does not use the Not-In-List Event (which your description indicates so), you need to re-query the "Architect" ComboBox in construction project information Form after you add the new Architect in the architect entry Form.
se the architect entry Form_AfterUpdate Event to re-query ... You may also need to flush the cache to ensure that the new Architect is actually saved in the Table (and not in the cache) before re-querying.
Thank you everyone. The Re-Query was the key!
You're welcome ... Glad we could help ...
So I thought Re-Query was the key. It works sometimes and sometimes is doesn't. I am requerying "after update" and also "on insert".
ome of my coworkers are not getting the same performance of the requery I am getting. My first thought that the requery was specific to my computer. After a check, I see that is not the case. I also thought maybe these individuals memory was enough to "quickly" show the results of the architect information when they go back to the project entry form and see the architect entry in the drop down. Confusing! Any suggestions?
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