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OK. I know this is not the technical term. As a novice, I can only describe what I have. When I open a form, it is like the form kind of shakes. Is there a vb code to prevent this from happening.?
Jack Cowley
Is there code running in the background? Are you loading lots of data into the form in the On Load or On Open event? Is there a subform that has a lot of data that needs to load? If that is the case you may want to turn off the forms visible property until all the work is done then make the form visible... You can also search Access help for Echo to turn of form repainting until all the data is loaded...
lso, do you have the latest SP's installed for your version of Access?
Would "blinking" or "flickering" better describe the behavior you're seeing? If so, it may be caused by you're video driver. It can be corrected sometimes by removing unassociated labels you might have on the form and replacing them with locked and disabled textboxes.
Look for any On Mouse Move events, too. If you have any mouse move events that require the form to repaint frequently, this will cause the flickering/shaking effect. If you find any, reply here and I can share some ways to minimize the flickering and still keep your mouse move effects.
In addition to the above comments, check if there are any toolbars/menubars that are showing/hiding when the form is opened.
Hope that helps...
If you are converting from a previous version of Access (say 2000) to 2003, I would have expected flickering (constant updating) if you are using overlayed controls. I haven't found a solution/reason quite yet, but I haven't researched it much either. There is an obviousa difference in versions though.
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