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I have code on a command button that opens a form as a popup.
My problem is the popup form always stays on top and
Ocannot go to other forms, queries, etc. unless I shut the
form down or minimize it. Is this the norm or am I doing
something wrong? Once the Form is open I would like to
go to another form but the popup form is always on top.
By definition, that is exactly what a popup form is. It's always on top. There is a second property, modality, which also plays a role.

Read this discussion for more details.

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If you can not navigate anywhere after, then it sounds like the form is opening modally or using acDialog in the code.
However, as George rightly says, popups are designed to stay on top all the time.
can i ask a question on this...i have two screens can i direct the pop up to open on another screen. so it can be used as a reference to the task at hand and i can view both screens?
Jack Cowley
If you have two forms open and you open another one as a Pop Up it will be the 'top' form in the 'stack'. If it is small you can use code (see MoveSize in Access help) to place it where you want. The form will remain open, you can get the info you need from it and then you can close it....
ive it a try...
Just to add to jack's reply and to expand on mine. A pop up stays on top of the other forms, but you can work in the other forms, and the pop up.
form opened modally, comes on top and stops you going anywhere else. You can only work in that form and that form only.
Big difference, and both very helpful.
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