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In completing a form, I have grabbed the field "ENTEREDBY" from the previous form by:
Private Sub Form_Current()
holdvalue = Me.ENTEREDBY
End Sub
Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
holdvalue = Nz(Me.ENTEREDBY, "")
End Sub
This is so that the person entering the form will not have to re-key in her name each time a new record is added.
However, if I go back to the previous record(s), to perhaps change something or to review, the "ENTEREDBY" field is overwritten with what is in the 'holdvalue' variable. Where can I reset this value so it does not overwrite the field in records when I go back?
Jack Cowley
In the On Current event:
If Me.NewRecord Then
holdvalue = Me.ENTEREDBY
End if
This may be a simplier way to do what you want.
irst of all have a look at this code.
Copy and paste this in a new Module.
on your form's afterupdate event place
enteredby = fosUserName.
You could also use fosUserName as the default value on that field.
Hope this helps.
Jack Cowley
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Thank-you both so much for your help! Don't know why I keep hammering away when it was resolved in 1 minute!!!!!! Should have asked sooner!
Glad you got it sorted.
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