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I'm afraid this question is going to have a simple answer but I cannot see it!
ome years ago I made an Access job log database that is stored on my PC at work. The team all have a drive set up on their PC's to access this database; there is no problem when more than one user accesses it at the same time.
I have just made a new database for three offices to use. It has been placed on a shared drive server. Users can access the DB ok but it seems that only one person can use the DB at a time. A message, along the lines of 'Database is locked by user xxxxxx' is displayed when a second user opens the DB.
I've checked that 'Shared' Default Open Mode in Options, Advanced tab is checked.
Can you tell me how to allow shared use?
Many thanks!
Hi Neil
Your database needs to be split into a front end / back end config to do this safely, otherwise risk of data corruption and the kind of issues you are having.
The backend db would contain your data tables, the front end db all other objects such as forms, reports etc, the front end needs to sit on each users machine somewhere, the backend on the server, front and back link via Linked table manager or VBA code.
There are lots of threads in the forum around splitting a database.
Larry Larsen
Hi Neil
Some details on the subject of splitting the db..
Sharing an Access Database Version: Any Version
This sounds tricky and may be outside my ability: I'm just a self taught dabbler!
How come our local DB works ok? Users in this office have a mapped drive to my machine so not much different to users mapping to a distant server from various offices.


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Larry; that page looks very useful. Thanks.
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Hi Neil
I am not sure why it worked before, maybe you have been lucky or there is better explanation?
What I am sure about is that it is not the recommended way to go and will give you problems at some point in the future.
Not an answer as such for you I know but is the best i have I am afraid.
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